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47 Marketing Tips for Restaurants

47 Marketing Tips for Restaurants

The Federal Council will relax the measures again from 11 May 2020. Restaurants, bars, etc. can reopen. However, this does not mean that everything will go back to normal.
Restaurants in particular have had a very poor start to the season. And the coming period will also be challenging.
Fortunately, Digital Marketer has rounded up 47 ideas you can try now that can help businesses grow or at least survive during this time anyway.
We have listed these marketing tips for you here.

Empty restaurant.

As a restaurant, you should implement these 47 ideas now.

  • Create a community social media page where all small businesses and restaurants can join together and become partners. With content on special offers, opening hours coupons etc.
  • Video content throughout the day showing deliveries and exports to dispel doubts about the safety of food procurement.
  • Offer a voucher to every customer who orders. Offer vouchers to people who refer customers to them.
  • Ask each customer to share their visit on social media. Ask them to post pictures to let their friends know they are open.
  • Offer gift cards that customers can buy now and redeem later when the restaurant is open.
  • Shorten the menu and offer a daily special to reduce food costs and labor and time spent preparing food.
  • Use email marketing to reach out to the entire customer base and ask them to help with delivery and takeaway.
  • Do daily Facebook/Instagram Live, that and show them behind the scenes insights.
  • Give video shoutouts to all customers who support you. Short videos are quite enough.
  • Give morning, daytime and evening updates and summaries of what happened that day.
  • Ask your employees to text or message all their contacts and ask their network for support.
  • Form a restaurant coalition with other restaurants in your area and conduct daily interwievs, shoutouts and partnerships.
  • Offer food packages that people can buy and send to others during this quarantine.
  • Sell drinks as much as possible with the take away or delivery order. Make sure staff are trained to ask questions to increase the average order size.
  • Make sure the online ordering options work or are easy to use.
  • To have more volume, you can offer special prices at the end of the day or TooGoodToGo use
  • Organize a community dinner where everyone eats together via video chat.
  • Allow customers to reserve virtual tables and watch old sporting events via Zoom.
  • Talk to grocery stores, postal workers, delivery groups, health care workers and offer super deals to help them during this time. Or ask the public for support by buying one meal, offering another for free....
  • Encourage customers to provide virtual testimonials and short videos about the quality of your food/service. All posts will be published on social media.
  • Create funny and interesting videos on Tiktok to get noticed.
  • Ask influencers and micro-influencers in your community to help you gain more reach.
  • Sponsor virtual dating events that take place on Zoom so that these people will eventually book tables to meet in person in the future.
  • Zoom with the chef Customers can interact and speak directly with the chef.
  • Post recipe videos on social media.
  • Virtual dinner and movie nights with the local cinema can be a great experience.
  • Consider running local Facebook ads. Ad prices can plummet and this could be a good consideration.
  • Talk to local employers and find out if they can offer a virtual lunch together for all their remote employees.
  • Do a daily food trivia post on social media, blog and website.
  • Do a huge social media giveaway for a future free dinner. Make sure people are encouraged to share like crazy to get more guests.
  • Maintain open communication with your landlord (if you don't own your building/space) to do everything possible to maintain those relationships and work together during this time.
  • Experiment with a membership club. If someone commits to a food membership now, they can get X amount of discounts in the future when the restaurant is open again. Like the Panera Coffee membership.
  • Food Sport catches the attention of sports fans and 2 dishes fight against each other. Customers vote on which dish is better. Can also make funny comments about it like sports. Attracts the attention of the customers and the tasting of the food.
  • Offer small portions to try from other foods on the side of the road. Try to increase the frequency of ordering with the customer base you already have.
  • Try a customer spotlight where you feature an outstanding customer daily or weekly. (Or whatever frequency makes sense) Encourage a positive feedback loop.
  • If you have a loyalty program, make sure you reach out to those customers and offer them additional perks if they can support you now.
  • Contact local newspapers to see if they would write an article about how your restaurant will have a positive impact in the area despite the circumstances.
  • Contact #Foodporn Instasites and ask them if they might post some of your photos.
  • Talk positively to your employees and continue to thank them for their efforts and loyalty to the company.
  • Reach out to your employees as well. Make sure everyone knows that you are grateful for them.
  • Get your employees involved in the social media strategy. Get their ideas moving faster. Give them more flexibility in what they can do to help as well.
  • Parents' escape - include a picture of a nice current destination with the delivery or pickup to give parents and everyone else a brief escape from their bunkers....
  • Work with local schools to set up deliveries to teachers who teach in virtual classrooms.
  • Work with local grocery stores to see if you can offer fresh food or fresh baked goods at their locations.
  • Create a new menu item or themed quarantine café with a healthy and nutritious item as part of the selection.
  • Partner with online fitness instructors to deliver healthy meals to customers.
  • Offer an ambassador program where community members can receive certain benefits for sharing and posting information about your restaurant.

Conclusion: Not every one of these ideas is suitable for every business. But among 47 tips, there is bound to be one that will help your restaurant.
Try it out and share your success with us.

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