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Search engine: What is called a search engine today?

Search engine: What is called a search engine today?

What is a search engine and what is it used for?

Everyone knows it: A piece of information is needed and a search engine is used to search for it on the World Wide Web. Be it news, jobs, websites, pictures, recipes, products or people, people search for everything. However, it is unthinkable to browse the enormous flood of data on the Internet manually. That's why we have our "little" helpers that search the infinite worlds of the WWW in seconds and deliver unerring results.
A search query is triggered with the help of a keyword. The algorithm searches for matching keywords in the database and lists the search results, sorted by relevance.

The position of a web page can be consciously influenced.
There are 2 ways to do this.

1. adwords (paid advertisements)
With an Adword campaign, you pay for every click on the advertised link.
How much you pay per click depends on how popular the keyword is.
The results can be seen in a short time.

2. SEO: Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization)

Unlike Adwords, SEO optimizes the organic search. This means that you are more likely to be found and can therefore address more customers.
In order to be found optimally in the search engine algorithm, many different factors come into play.

To name the 3 most important ones:
- Pages Speed
- Quality of the texts
- experience reports

SEO is a long-term investment of time and money and the result is not expected immediately. You want to know how much an SEO optimization costs? You can find the prices here: SEO Prices

The 5 most used search engines in Switzerland.

-Google 93,38%
-Bing 4,13%
-Yahoo! 1,56%
-DuckduckGo 0.68%
-MSN 0.07

Source: Statista